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Published onDec 28, 2019

Academic Writings

Lena Tichem, Marieke Frohlich and Sarah Pelham, Troubling Open Data, a Feminist Case Study,

Anne L. Washington, Inclusive Open Data, Technology Innovation Management Review,


Ana Brandusescu and Nnenna Nwakanma, Is Open Data Working for Women in Africa?,

Masako Hiraga, Making Data Open, Interoperable, and credible to improve gender equality,,%20interoperable,%20and%20credible.pdf

Michael Canares, Louis Susanty, Ana Brandusescu and Tenti Kurniawati, Can we use open data to advance gender-inclusive development?, Open Data Labs and World Wide Web Foundation,

Gender & Statistics, Gender-differentiated statistics and indicators,

Land Portal, Using online platforms to increase access to open data and share best practices of monitoring women’s land rights,

Mayra Buvinic, Rebecca Furst-Nichols, and Gayatri Koolwal, Mapping Gender Data Gaps,

Bridging Gender Data Gaps in Africa,

Claudia Abreu Lopes and Savita Bailur, Gender equality and big data: Making gender data visible,

Open Data Labs Jakarta, Can We Use Open Data to Advance Gender-inclusive Development? Lessons from Yogyakarta, Indonesia,

Open Data Watch and Data2X, Ready to Measure: Twenty Indicators for Monitoring SDG Gender Targets,

Data2X, Catalyzing Inclusive Financial Systems: Chile’s Commitment to Women’s Data,

Bapu Vaitla et al, Big Data and the Well-Being of Women and Girls: Applications on the Social Sci\ ntific Frontier,

Linet Juma, Gendered Open Data in Anglophone Africa,

UN ESCAP, E-Government for Women's Empowerment in Asia and the Pacific,

Waltraut Ritter, Open Data in Asia,

Open Data Lab Jakarta, Open Data Agenda-setting for Asia 2015,

Women and the right of access to information,

The Little Data Book on Gender,

A Data-Driven Initiative for Gender Equality,

Blog Posts

Ana Brandusescu & Yentyl Williams, The gender and open data intersection,

Linet Juma, Bringing Open Data to Bear on Gender Inequality in Africa,

Davis Adieno, Gender data for gender equality,

Marisa Miodosky and Macarena Zappe, Beyond numbers: reuse of data to visualise gender gaps in the City of Buenos Aires,

Mor Rubinstein et al, Open Gender Monologues — The Stories of Women in The Open Government Movement,

The case for gender and the Open Data Barometer,

Ana Brandusescu et al, #IODC18: Is open data working for women?

Open Data Day 2019: a joint report by Open Knowledge Colombia and Datasketch (IgualData),

Charlotte Ornemark, Gender and Open Data: Is there an app for that?

Gender Data: Sources, gaps and measurement opportunities, Data2X,

Littal Shemer Haim, Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data,

Charlotte Smith, A Preliminary Look at the State of Gender Disaggregated Aid Data,

Charlotte Smith, International Women’s Day – Where’s the Development Data?

Linet Juma, Making open data work for gender equality,

Michael McLaughlin, The UK’s Gender Pay Gap Open Data Law Has Flaws, But Is A Positive Step Forward,

Hera Hussain, Gender-smart open contracting: empowering communities and enabling inclusive growth,

Alfonsina Penaloza, How not to do feminist open government - and one big idea that can help,

Mayra Buvinic and Eric Swanson, Where are the gender data? Three steps to better data and closing gaps,

7 Facts About Gender Equality in Ukraine Revealed Through Open Data,

WEF, Gender equality? It starts with data,

Shaida Badiee and Claire Melamed, Making the data revolution a gender data revolution,

Nisha Thompson, Data Diaries: What I learned,

Dikpal Khatri Chhetry and Dipti Gautam, Nepal’s First Women In Data Conference,

Using Open Data to Make Development More Inclusive for Women,


Open Data Lab Jakarta, Open Data for Gender-Inclusive Development - Part 1,

Open Data Lab Jakarta, Open Data for Gender-Inclusive Development - Part 2,

Open Data for Gender Inclusive Development

Ana Brandusescu, GODAN Webinar: The Gender and Open Data Intersection,

UNDP Ukraine, Open Data for Gender Equality,

International Open Data Conference 2016, Data and Gender: Thinking Critically,

Africa Open Data Conference 2017, Gender,

Paris 21, Bridging the Gender Data Gap and Connecting Data Communities,

Data, Tools, and Visualisations

Gender Wage Gap Game,

World Bank, Africa Gender Innovation Lab: Data,, Gender Pay Gaps in London,

City of Seattle Wages: Comparison by Gender

World Bank, Gender Data Portal,

Land Portal, Land and Gender indicators,

Ready to Measure Data Query Tool

Digital Gender Gap Audit Scorecard Toolkit

Amelia Pittman, Visualization for a Better Look at Gender Data,

EQUALS Gender Digital Inclusion Map,

Gendre & IMBDb: An Open Data Analysis of the Film Industry Gender Gap,

LGBT rights globally,

Gender Inequality and Corruption in Kosovo,

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